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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain arranges the Operating Time in Advance

As the arrival of the summer vacation, in early July, Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain has a peak for a summer tour. From July 1st to 13rd, a total of 143,000 people visit the tianmen mountain scenic spot, in the majority with drive parent-child tour and students tour.

Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain has an elevation of 1,518.6 meters, 6 to 8℃ low temperature all the year round the city, The top of the mountain primeval forest coverage rate of 90%. It is a cool, refreshing and pleasant summer big oxygen bar. Enjoying the cool and refreshing nature at the same time, people don’t miss a few best summer point: climbing the world’s highest mountain natural cave; To admire the view at the top of the tianmen mountain peak; Listening to the locust forest birds singing and so on.

To cope with the summer travel peak, The tianmen mountain scenic spot further adjusts the operating time, specific as follows: since July 14th, Monday to Thursday 7:00 –16:30; Friday to Sunday at 6:30-16:30, arranging the general working time of 60-90 minutes early.

Aimed at the characteristics of summer students line, more scenic spot warmly prompts that tianmen mountain scenic spot all the year round offers student tickets, including children under 1.3 meters free, under the age of 24 students with student ID. The scenic spot under the cableway station is equipped with many sets of automatic machines, in order to be more convenient and quick for tourists.

Translated by Sophia