Zhangjiajie Martyrs Cemetery declares National Martyrs Cemetery

On July 4th, The national leading group, Deputy director of the office of the inspector Guo-ying Yang had a visit to Zhangjiajie martyrs cemetery to declare national martyrs cemetery for acceptance.

Mr Guo-ying Yang looked at Zhangjiajie first at the tomb of the martyr cemetery of infrastructure construction and management.Zhangjiajie in the long-term revolutionary struggle, countless heroic sons and daughters gave precious life for the establishment of new China, through that have 2,587 of revolutionary martyrs, the unknown soldiers over 2,000 people.For more than 20 years, the municipal, district government has invested more than 200 million yuan to improve the infrastructure martyr cemetery.

Mr Guo-ying Yang, pointed out that Zhangjiajie should make good martyrs cemetery construction and management, increase the tomb and protect the martyr pavilion, making martyrs cemetery genuine traditional patriotism education bases.

Translated by Sophia