Zhangjiajie-Taibei Winter & Spring Charter Flights Opened in November

On November 4th, Zhangjiajie-Taibei Winter & Spring charter flights was open officially. It will not be cancelled unitl the end of March next year every Tuesday and Friday for one flight. In the past few years, There has not been any Winter & Spring flights but Summer & Autumn ones.

The Zhangjiajie-Taibei Winter & Spring Charter Flights press as well as Zhangjiajie Winter Tourist Product Introduction Meeting was formally held at Taiwan King Hotel. Deng Shaobing, The associate director of Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau, made a comprehensive description of Zhangjiajie’s tourist resources, Focusing on winter marketing theme” Falling in love with late autumn, Tasting the upcoming the New Year”.

During a heated discussion, Taiwan travel experts expressed their welcome for the opening of the flights as well as the off-season preferential ticket price, Showing great confidence for the winter tourist market.Companies from Taiwan and the mainland both showed their position to make full use of the opening flights to ensure a win-win winter market and long-term Spring & Winter charter flights opening by high seats occupancy rate.

Translted by Zumi