Zhangjiajie Scenic Dynamic Wallpapers were Popular in Network

Since August, Zhangjiajie scenic dynamic wallpapers came into network, downloaded more than ten thousand times every day. It was equivalent that ten thousand visitors toured zhangjiajie scenery by mobile phone or computer every day. Every week, wallpapers would be added or updated, including natural scenery, folk humanities landscape, etc. Thus meeting the needs of different users. According to statistics, at present, on the network, it showed more than 300 copies of zhangjiajie scenic dynamic wallpapers.

Network travel marketing is the key strategy in WuLingYuan travel recent years. Using events to network expansion and development, such as Avatar, the “dragon cup “and ” Baofeng lake cup “international network photography competition, ” zhangjiajie travel “official micro letters and sina or tencent official micro bo issued travel information, etc. All of these greatly raised zhangjiajie awareness and market influence.

According to introduction, this year, except the network promotion of zhangjiajie scenic dynamic wallpapers, it would also relate network software company, use mobile phone screen guest to show and promote zhangjiajie scenic.

Translated by Sophia