Zhangjiajie Promotes Its Travel Culture in Thailand

The Zhangjiajie promotion delegation wrapped up their one-week travel promotion and cultural exchange tour in Thailand on December 12. It was the first time for Zhangjiajie to conduct the campaign “Promoting Tourism Culture of Zhangjiajie” abroad.

During their stay in Thailand, the delegation held a large-scale promotion activity. Local travel agencies, media and residents showed great interest in Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery and unique culture presented by Zhangjiajie’s 30 excellent tour guides in Tujia costumes. The delegation also conducted friendly exchanges and discussions with outstanding travel agencies and guides of Thailand on how to strengthen travel cooperation and promote the image of travel industry.

Tour guides from Zhangjiajie put on performance featured ethnic culture in Thailand.

Tour guides from Zhangjiajie and Thailand conduct friendly exchanges.

Tour guides from Zhangjiajie perform hand-waving dance with Thai people.

Tour guides from Zhangjiajie distribute travel brochures to Thai people.

The campaign “Promoting Tourism Culture of Zhangjiajie” is launched in Thailand.

The campaign “Promoting Tourism Culture of Zhangjiajie” is reported by Thai media.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal