Zhangjiajie New Train Schedule will Come into Force

Two Railway Lines altered to Finish Traveling in Beijing.

According to the newly issued train schedule of late 2012 by the Guangzhou Railway Group Company, Zhangjiajie will implement a new schedule as well from 24 o’clock of 21 December 2012, and therefore there will be changes of time.

The changes of the new schedule is as follow:

1.Upgrade of Trains:

No.1257\8 from Xiangyang toKunming will turn into express lines with the new line numbers of No.K1261\2.

2. Changes in Starting Stop and Ultimate Destination:

Railway lines No.K267\8 from West Beijing to Huaihua and No.K967\8 from West Beijing to Zhangjiajie both altered Beijing instead of West Beijing as the ultimate destination.

3. Changes of Stops along the Line:

① Guiding is to be added to No.K1211 from Zhengzhou to Guiyang;

② Shimen County is to be cancelled from No.K1262 (originally No.1258) from Kunming to Xiangyang;

③ Pingxiang is to be cancelled from No.K1374\5\4 from Huaihua to South Shanghai;

④ Suixi is to be cancelled from No.1805 from Luoyang to Zhanjiang;

⑤ Rongshui, Dengzhou and Nanzhao are to be cancelled from No.1806 from Zhanjiang to Luoyang.

Tips from Railway Departments:

The time of the trains’arriving at and leaving from Zhangjiajie Railway Station is to be changed from 24:00, 21 December 2012, and therefore please keep informed of the new timetable in time in case of any delay of trouble.

Translated by Vincent Chou