Zhangjiajie MV《Zhangjiajie,Please Wait for Me》Debuted Globally

On the afternoon of January 7th, The first urban tourist Chinese MV 《Zhangjiajie,Please Wait for Me》 went to the public around the world, initiated by local common people. MiMiQiYUE titled as “Modern Eileen Chang”and “Chinese Duras”, the so-called Chinese writer of beauty who wrote the lines was in charge of it. About 200 representatives from literary, art and tourist circles attended this opening ceremony in Dachengshanshui International Hotel.

The deepest sadness can be cured among mountains and rivers in Zhangjiajie. The most beautiful love can also be witnessed among mountains and rivers in Wulingyuan. The show tells a story of 2 young outlanders who drove themselves to Zhangjiajie to hear their wound and pain from love. It aims to display the positive, opening and comprehensive Zhangjiajie, appealing to youngsters to cherish their love relationships and lives.

Translated by Zumi