2014 Final Bicycle Competition and Annual Forum Was Held in Wulingyuan

On 28th October, 2014 Final Bicycle Competition and Annual Forum Was Held by Green Wind Bicycle Association in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan. This competition started from parking lot of Yellow Dragon Cave and ended at Tufujie Farmland. The whole race is as long as 6.5km. Every competitor rushed to final destination with their greatest strength. After half hour’s fierce race, the competition was ended with participant’s wonderful performance that the male ranked first finished whole race for 26 minutes adn 18 seconds while the female ranked first finished for 35 minutes and 43 seconds. Winners were lucky to get a special great prize-Pig Head.

It is acknowleged that Green Wind Bicycle Association was founded in 1st,Jul,2008. and has grown into a group with over one hundred members joined in. The Green Wind advocates “Environmental and Low Carbon Trip”. Until now, Green Wind has successfully held Zhonghu Waxberry Festival Bicycle Race and Bicycle Race through Zhangjiajie Peaks for three times and got tour bicycle renting program started in Wulingyuan area. Long distance travel by bicycle around Qihai Lake, Hainan Island and through Sichuan-Tibet Line were also done by Green Wind. This young and energetic group has devoted a lot on advocating healthy life idea and propagating Wulingyuan travel culture.

By Patricia