Zhangjiajie “Monkey king” on the Dragon Ladder

On December 8th, in Wulingyuan Yuan Gujie spot, the “Monkey King” is on the dragon ladder from the top of the mountain, letting tourists an eye-opener.

Zhangjiajie is in winter. A few “Monkey King” will follow tourists to enter channel back and forth innocently, takig the ladder up the mountain in search of food. According to the dragon ladder staff description, this season more and more monkeys jump by ladder up and down, the back and forth. They take a ladder to the top of the mountain in the morning, because fewer people in the early morning. At night, they take the elevator down the hill again, with compartments within the tourists.

Because of concerns that too many uncontrollable “Monkey King”, the world’s tallest outdoor sightseeing elevator hundred dragon ladder only opens in the morning for “Monkey King”, formal runtime to car disinfected every day. To this, some tourists said, with “Monkey King” in the elevator is interesting travel experience.

“Monkey King”is a wild macaques, wild animals under state protection (category ii), is one of the wulingyuan “specialty”,mainly distributed in Yuan Gujie, huangshi village, tianzi mountain, miles galleries and other attractions.

Translated by Sophia