2016 The First Zhangjiajie International Food Festival

To carry forward the Chinese food culture, to build the world’s food culture exchange platform, Liu Yi, Yongding district federation industry and the introduction of Hunan agricultural development co., LTD., Changsha, China catering management co., LTD., and otherwell-known enterprises, will held the first Zhangjiajie (international) food festival in Zhangjiajie on December 8 to 12. Nearly 50 famous snacks from Russia, India, Brazil, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand and so on come to Zhangjiajie. It will be the most varieties, the most complete, and the highest scale food feast.

Food festival will further enhancethe charm of Zhangjiajie as an international tourist city, to promote Zhangjiajie travel brand image, making people come into contact with the food in the world,feel the charm of the world famous snacks, abundant development of the generalpublic view. It will become a new pattern of promoting Zhangjiajie food and cultural development.

The first Zhangjiajie(international) food festival, is one of the world’s most complete varietiesfood feast, is Zhangjiajie foodies a carnival party. Zhangjiajie, hand in hand makespeople at home can feel the nations amorous feeling. One-stop for global food, gains amazing taste buds!

Translated by Sophia