Zhangjiajie Milan inn makes 3D Stereogram Culture Wall

Morning of April 9th, A group of Beijing visitors left Zhangjiajie Tianzishan mountain scenic spot, and didn’t forget to take pictures in front of the inn culture wall as a souvenir.The culture wall was given priority to paintings, including 3D giant stereogram for the scenic spot.

It is understood that Milan inn culture wall is actually the original paintings on the wall, A total of more than 10. It both reflects the natural scenery scenic spot of plane three-dimensional paintings, also shows the folklore ink paintings, and masters of literary and artistic feelings bailment inn 3D picture.This giant stereoscopic 3D with an area of 38 square meters, tells a beautiful romantic stories of family.Because of the perfect combination between traditional painting art and new 3D perspective drawing, tourists take photos before the vivid paintings.

During the production process, it pays attention to environmental protection, no other add brick, sand, cement, but the three local artist friends use brushes to draw Zhangjiajie nature, humanities, and folk landscape. It strives for tourists to enjoy the most original ecological culture.

Translated by Sophia