Hunan Becomes Macao’s Third Biggest Market for Travel

With over 120 thousand Hunan visitors to Macao for the first three months this year, Hunan has domestically become Macao’s third biggest market for travel. On April 10, the Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair & Hunan-Macao Tourism Promotion Meeting was launched in Changsha. Tourism enterprises from both sides discussed cooperation issues to provide more travel platforms and better travel experiences for Hunan-Macao travel enthusiasts.

Tourism is a pillar industry of Macao’s economy. According to statistics from the Macao Government Tourist Office, mainland China is the biggest market of Macao travel, whose visitors account for 60% of all Macao visitors. Moreover, Hunan is one of provinces that have the most visitors to Macao.

At present, short-term self-guided tours such as weekend trips are the main form for Hunan people to visit Macao. To attract more Hunan visitors, Macao will mainly promote leisure travel, focus on more convenient transportation and more abundant travel products, in addition to providing various discounts.

Translator: Liu Fang

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal