Zhangjiajie Mayor Zhao Xiaoming met with Conser Marand

May 24, Zhangjiajie Mayor Zhao Xiaoming met with Canadian Whistler Mayor Conser Marand. The two sides exchanged experiences on environmental protection and travel market development and so on.

Whistler City, about 125 km north of Vancouver's Pacific Coast mountains, is famous for skiing and cycling Hill Road, is an internationally renowned resort, every year more than 200 million visitors

Zhao Xiaoming Conservancy Marand a brief introduction to the basic situation of Zhangjiajie, he said: Zhangjiajie is the most attractive natural scenery, its world-class travel resources.

Finally, environmental protection and travel development on the two sides had a friendly exchange of experience.

Conser Marand praised the beauty of Zhangjiajie, travel infrastructure is also very complete. He hoped the two sides in travel, education, a more substantive cooperation in the future.