Zhangjiajie made a friendly relationship with America Bryce Canyon Park

On May 18th, Vice chairman of CPPCC, deputy director of the city Zhou Fang met with the American southern Utah University President Scott Walter and Bryce canyon national park management office director Gail Bologna. The two sides had communication on travel cooperation. During the meeting, zhangjiajie national forest park, Bryce canyon national park have signed a letter to establish friendly park, the two sides will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in natural resource conservation, education and travel marketing and so on.

Zhou Fang gave a warm welcome to United States representatives. She said that Zhangjiajie was an emerging tourist city of China, with the first national forest park, which was famous for mountains. At present, Zhangjiajie has been committed to create famous tourist destination at home and abroad. She hoped that the USA delegation would have propaganda of Zhangjiajie, letting more American tourists to know Zhangjiajie travel. Zhou Fang said this chance would promote the two sides in travel, culture and various aspects of exchanges and cooperation, realizing common development.

Gail gave high praise for Zhangjiajie beauty and charm. He said the United States Bryce canyon national park will receive about 1.8 million visitors a year, of which about 60% of international friends from china. So we were looking forward to cooperation. After returning to the United States, they will also vigorously promote Zhangjiajie. Scott showed great thanks for Zhangjiajie. Commonly known as “The university” in the park, the southern Utah University had a close cooperation with Bryce canyon national park. The students can be an internship in Bryce canyon national park and work. He hoped that it could strengthen communication with Zhangjiajie education through cooperation.

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