Zhangjiajie lobster flowers are blooming to welcome Chinese and Foreign tourists

In Zhangjiajie national forest park, golden whip sream, tens of thousands of lobsters are competing to open up, bouncing around in the breeze like live shrimps. It has become a unique scenic spot, attracting countless tourists from home and abroad to take photos.

Lobster flowers sprout in the spring with the shape of lobsters. Depending on the size of the flower, it can be divided into rice prawns, shrimp and lobster. In bloom, the single bracts are called “Shrimp flowers” and in pairs are called “Prawns”. The flowers are rich in color, bright red and red as coral. The shrimp head has two tendril, and shrimp body is a pattern, as early as one hundred million years ago, which has been hailed as a “Living fossil” plants.

Lobster flower likes warm wet environment, generally, which borns in an altitude of 500 meters to 1,200 meters mountain under the bushes and small ditch. It is one of the world natural heritage site Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan unique old flower seeds, spreading in Huangshi, sand ditch, and other damp places. The lobster flowers are blooming longer, from summer sustainable until September, with very high value of ornamental cultivation.

Translated by Sophia