Zhangjiajie beautiful scenery will enter TV “Children’s Funny Adventure”

On the afternoon of August 11, the film crew of Hunan golden eagle cartoon TV “Children’s funny adventure” has completed a four-day project on wulingyuan scenic spot. After the later production, the world natural heritage wulingyuan will be featured in the country’s first youth outdoor adventure TV program.

The program tells the story of the adventures of two young children with their brother in wulingyuan. It is very informative, interesting and thrilling. During Wulingyuan, the crew successively has visited a lot of spots. They have used many equipment to shoot Wulingyuan hoodoo, sunrise, sunset and amazing natural scenery.

In the 45 minutes, the show will be broadcast on hunan TV, golden eagle cartoon TV and mango TV. Due to the high ratings, the project will help expand Wulingyuan in all the influence of the youth, also play a positive role in further exploring Wulingyuan parent-child travel market.

Translated by Sophia