Zhangjiajie List in"Top 10 Cities with the Highest Forest Coverage"

In recent days, 2011 Green Book of Low-carbon Development of China's Cities, the joint work of Hunan University of Technology and Institute for Urban & Environmental Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was published in Beijing. Two cities in Hunan Province were shortlisted in the "10 Cities with the Highest Forest Coverage". Zhangjiajie City tops the list and Zhuzhou City ranks the eighth. Zhangjiajie is also evaluated as the city with the lowest energy consumption per unit living space.
2011 Green Book of Low-carbon Development of China's Cities sorts out data of energy and carbon emission of 110 cities above the prefecture level in China, and analyzes the difficulties and problems that China's cities encountered on low-carbon development. It attempts to establish an evaluation index system of low-carbon city and low-carbon urban development, and provides a quantified reference for the state's decision-making departments and urban inhabitants in order to facilitate their correct and objective understanding of greenhouse gas emission in China and emission-reduction methods.

Translator: Zhang Minsi
Source:Hunan Official Web Portal