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Zhangjiajie Limiting Speed Bike Challenge will hold on November 8th

Learned from Zhangjaijie Huangshi Village Passenger Ropeway CO.,LTD., Zhangjaijie Huangshi Village 2015 limiting speed bike challenge is scheduled for November 8th.

It is understood that from that day on both sides of the Taiwan strait more than 20 bicycle extreme sports cyclists will in the world of the newly built the first limitation downhill.The starting point is–six pavilion, the finish is Zhangjaijie Huangshi Village under the cableway station parking apron.Complex terrain in the whole circuit, it is the most complex terrain, the biggest difficulty coefficient limit of a mountain bike race track.

After 3,000 steps, the limits of shrub jungle downhill, the players then in Zhangjaijie Huangshi Village under the cableway station platform of 5.2 meters high and four meters wide, aerial leap challenge.At the appointed time, Hunan channel “City live” joint such as the television station ettv more than 10 stations for live coverage.At the same time, Xinhua news agency, China news agency, People’s Daily, China broadcasting network, Hunan daily, and many other mainstream media also live coverage.

Translated by Sophia