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Zhangjiajie Invited Global APEC Participants for Free Travel

During November 7th to 22th, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon will not only offer tickets of its own area but also Wulingyuan core scenic area to anyone who owns a certificate proof, ID, or passport related with APEC. Zhangjiajie Guan Shan Yue Hotel with other 2 Special hotels in Xibu Street will also provide free 3 nights stay, Xiangxi Yinxiang Restaurant high-quality food and drinks. It is said that, Zhangjiajie will invite 3 kinds of people for free. The first kind is global official representatives attending APEC, The second staff and volunteers including The People’s Liberation Army soldiers and security personnel serve the meeting, The third global people whose names include “APEC”.

The main chargers of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon expressed that the free invitation offer aims to celebrate the APEC held in Beijing, Popularize the APFC knowledge to the world and show the importance of staying away from the smog as well as displaying the fresh ecological natural environment of Zhangjiajie.

Founded in 1989, “APEC” abbreviated “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” is the most influential official economic cooperation forum in Asian-Pacific region. Up to now, There have been 21 official members with China included. It has made great contributions to enhance regional and global liberalization and convenience of investment, and attain continuous progress on economic and technical cooperation, strengthening the regional cooperation and promoting a win-win development.

Translated by Zumi