Zhangjiajie Investment Projects

Zhangjiajie 48 stockades scenic area
Project profile:
The 48 stockades ruin project is close by the Zhangjiajie core scenic area and its surrounding travel areas, it also nearby the Zhangjiajie city and Changde city, and four other counties, the 48 stockades is famous for its former ownerLizicheng, a leader of peasant revolt in Ming Dynasty, taking full advantage of this historical human landscape, with creative ideas and concepts, the project could attract visitors for multiple purpose, such as sightseeing tour, pilgrimage, resorting, meeting and history searching. Assisted by Zhangjiajie's travel brand name power, and the selected project location advantage, it is very possible to create a travel scenic area with more than 3 million visitors per year.
Construction Specification:
Relying on the historical figure Lizichang's influence, and the splendid nature and artificial landscaping sightseeing, the project aimed to recover its former condition. It will build a tunnel with 790 meters long across the project location and Cili County down town. With in the site, the project has planned to construct Lizicheng Memorial pavilion as well as culture and entertainment center, with in the entrance of Lutou Bay and middle way of Sanwang valley, it is going to build a high class grand hotel and convention center, in Zhubao bay and the upstream of Qiwan brook it will construct two artificial lake which of both will as beautiful as Baofeng Lake and assort with High end leisure premises, near the bank side of 5 nature brooks to build exotic indigenous style resorting village. The initial site selection has already complete, further assessment is undergoing, legal and archeology recognition has granted conclusion, it is also enlisted for the key construction project plan for Zhangjiajie's East tourist route.
Financial analysis and financing explanation of the project:
The total investment amount is 500 million,
The detailed forms of investment and financing of the project are negotiable.
Contact information:
The project's developer: Cili County Tourism Bureau

Zhangjiajie Badagong Mountain Ecological Tourism Project
Project Profile:
The project is located at Northwest part of Sangzhi county in Zhangjiajie. It is 45 km to Zhangjiajie city, which means it has convenient transportation network to provide. In February 2010, the State Forestry Bureau has approved “the natural reserve ecology and travel project planning of the Badagong Mountain” document. This project location has plenty of travel resources; it is the ideal place for resorting, summer escaping, recreation, sightseeing, adventuring, science practice and water drifting. It has all kinds of natural and human landscapes, a top priority choice for business investment.
Construction Specification:
1.to construct 1 tourist gathering center Tianping Mountain tourist gathering center
2.to construct 2 major ecological travel area Tianping Mountain travel area and Lishuiyuan travel area
3.to construct 3 ecological travel routes: the County downtown to Tianping Mountain travel area, the County downtown to Lishuiyuan travel area, and the County downtown to Doupeng Mountain travel area.
4.to build the sightseeing and transportation ropeway
5.to build travel resort hotel
6.to build natural forest footpath
7.to build large parking ground
8.to build travel area entrance tower
9.to build science education center.
Financial Analysis and Financing Explanation of the Project:
The total investment of the project is 477.9319 millions.
The estimated operating income in the next 10 years as follows:
The total investment amount is 477.9313 millions.
1.receiving total tourist 5 millions times, with average consumption 600 yuan per person, the total operation income will be 3 billions, and net profits 1.05 billions.
2.the project's ROI (static): 35%
3.the project's investment recovery period (excluding investment by the government and paid up investment) is 4.5 years
The detailed forms of investment and financing of the project are negotiable.
Contact information:
The Project's developer: Hunan Badagong Mountain State natural reserve management division

The Reconstruction of Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie
Wulingyuan is well known as the world's natural heritage, as well as the top class scenic area in Hunan. It is currently in a progress of reconstruction and transformation. The key projects are introduced as follows:
1.Tianzi Mountain Car camp
The project is located at the countryside of Tianzi Mountain County inside Wulingyuan district. It is only a brook away with the core scenic area. The project has a total area of 150 mu, it is capable to park 120 cars, the estimated investment amount is 200 millions.
2.Suoxi River bar gallery project:
The project is located at South of Wulingyuan Boardway, north of Suoxi River and West of Tianzi Road. It has a total area of 72.15 mu. It is going to build Bar gallery, shopping center, entertainment center, business trade mall, fashion mall as well as pedestrian mall. The property is designed for whole release with a lease period of 40 years. The total investment amount is estimated at 400 millions.
3.Wulingyuan international recreation plaza
The project is located in between Huanglong cave and Baofeng lake, which is near the core scenic area. It is planned to build 2 scenic spot, to construct a mansion style grand star hotel, a large culture and entertainment plaza, as well as other travel facilities.
The project's construction period is 7 years. The total investment is 1 billions, which 100 million will invest on the scenic projects, 500 millions for grand hotel, and 400 millions for a large cultural filming base as well as other travel serving facilities. The project's investment recovery period is 10 to 12 years.

Yichong Bridge hot spring resort project
Project profile:
The project is located at Cili County in Zhangjiajie, Yichong Bridge hot spring is at the first bay in Li RiverDaosha Bay, it is also known as Shadao village, next to Li Riverbank, 50 kilometers to Zhangjiajie scenic area. The detected water surface temperature is 67 degree, one of the largest hot spring source is nearly 7000 cubic meters, the north side of the river has 2 acres beach with out coming hot spring, the endless hot spring surrounded by Li river, the landscape is very unique. To build high class hot spring resort facilities is very convenient, it also can receive large amount of Tourist resource from Zhangjiajie.
Construction Specification:
Leisure resorting and water spa club, spring water factory
Financial analysis and financing explanation of the project:
The total investment of the project is 300 millions, the operating performance of the next 10 years as follows:
1.Receiving 300000 visitors in total, with average consumption of 300 RMB per person
2.the Project's ROI (static) is 20%
3.the Project's investment recovery period is 6-8 years
The detailed forms of investment and financing of the project are negotiable
Contact information:
The project's developer: Cili County travel bureau