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Zhangjiajie International Country Music Stage Has been Finished

Country music combines with the original ecological pastoral scenery, and a curved limpid stream goes through the stage. Among the mountains, we can hear the sounds of nature.

According to the introduction, The opening stage covers an area of 500 square meters. It was built between paddy fields and the water wheel live stage, the entire stage composed of rock grinding raw materials.

In the opening stage, quaver background combines with water wheel, which becomes a new scenery line. On the right side of the stage, there is an original “Tujia diaojiao building”. It can reflect tujia living characteristics, give an intuitive impression to the audiences, which let the audience feel zhangjiajie culture, experience the country singles.

Zhangjiajie international country music first started in 2009, which aimed to show the world local music, inherit and carry forward the country music art. In ecological square of Huanglong Cave, there exsits grain, melon and fruit. The audience can sit around and listen to music feast.

In this country singles, the opening stage will be preserved as the music source iconic attractions, and it met the visitors for officially on August 25th.

Translated by Sophia