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Highlights First Look of the 2013 Zhangjiajie International Music Week

23 countries, 25 international brands, hundreds of musicians and 200 Harley motors will gather in 2013 Zhangjiajie International Music Week where an original ecological music show will be presented against the music bridge, green mountains and limpid rivers.

Five music guitars become music souvenir of  Zhangjiajie

On the opening ceremony, five music guitars printed five continents map will serve as a part of beautiful dance and a vita rite that every member of the five continents will print a fingerprint on relevant guitar after performing. These guitars with fingerprints, signatures, photos and names are to remain in Zhangjiajie for keepsake forever.

The director of the opening ceremony introduces keep five guitars that have symbolic meaning in Zhangjiajie is to inherit the spirit of music week; as Zhangjiajie is the original place of the music week, it can build Zhangjiajie into a holy place for music week and make more people join music week.

“Music show in high altitude” sings music week

With five continents and Harley show, the music week will present“Music show in high altitude”where 25 music bands from 23 countries and 8 domestic bands fallen into six groups will show tour in 402 altitude Yellow Dragon Cave square, 585 meters Baofeng lake, 620 meters Shuiraosimen, 1,050 meters Laomowan, 1,262 meters Tianzi Mount and 1,519 meters Tianmen Mount on September 1, September 2 and September 3.

The person in charge of the director presents adding “Altitude dial gauge” in every tour show will combine music, scenery and tour show sites perfectly, enabling audience and tourists to feel the charm of altitude music and deepen their understanding of music as well as the impression on the scenic spots and band performance, which are to make altitude music become another business card for Zhangjiajie.

It is reported that “Zhangjiajie’s Cultural Dream” forum will be kicked off during the music week where many cultural big shots will attend. They will analyze Zhangjiajie’s road for cultural development in terms of music, architecture, painting, culture, etc.“Rolls-Royce in Motors”–The Harley motors will present their super performance in the opening ceremony.

By Crystal