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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave : Harvest in Full Swing

In Huanglong Cave, one scenic spot of Wulingyuan Scenic Region, autumn has dressed the Ecology Square into a sea of gold. Each ear of rice standing in the field is bowing to the sickles, ready to embrace a harvest.

This morning saw a picture of Harvest in Full Swing—on the spot, farmers with sickles and threshers are all busy yet happy doing their work.

The Ecology Square of Huanglong Cave came into use by 2009. With the reclamation of landscaping, it has become a pioneer in this regard among its travel counterparts. A variety of rice with their abundant colors puts us a unique show in the scenic region. According to Ecology Square, harvest of the rice field (about 3.8 acres) will be done before Sept.15th.

Translated by Misu Spark Lee

Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal