Zhangjiajie Holds Large-scale Cultural Activities

In order to enrich the cultural life of the masses of the people, enlarge the mass culture team of people, improve the cultural level of the people as well as fully exert the function of culture–leading the fashion, educating the people, serving the society, promoting the development. Thereupon, Zhangjaiajie Municipal and government hold the series of cultural activities.

This series of cultural activities themed with “Happy Xiaoxiang Pretty Zhangjiajie” are composed of three parts. They are art performance of the masses, which start from March and end at September; elegant artwork display, which start from April and end at November; square dances and broadcast dances, which start from April and end at October.

Propaganda, preliminary, rematch and the final are the four circles of all the cultural activities. The qualified programs conclude music, dances, folk arts and sketches .Only the mass culture team of people are allowed to have the entry qualification. Seas of audience and reporters will on scene to view and broadcast the visual feast.

By Aileen