Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport Aviation Port with a Fine Situation

With the official opening up of zhangjiajie port and southeast Asia Thai routes, this year, the entry and exit flights and persons have a rapid growth. From January to September, zhangjiajie lotus airport has a total of 27067 entry-exit passengers, 189 flights, three times more than 2011.

As we have learned, since last November 17th, it has upgraded to the international air port, the entry and exit numbers of zhangjiajie aviation port reach a new record. Along with the high speed development of export-oriented economy and the opening of the airport, the port shows a new pattern of “big into big out, fast forward quickly out”.Meanwhile, the people’s living standard has improved, outbound travel sustains fervent, passengers of big xiangxi surrounding areas choose to Zhangjiajie to leave the city. All of these greatly drive a wide margin increasing of port entry and exit data.

At present, on the port, entry and exit flights, passengers grow steadily. This year, it is expected to reach 50000 people.

Translated by Sophia