Zhangjiajie Folk Food Spices up Its Scenery, Media Scrambling Covering

As the Spring Festival is drawing near, the snowy scenery in Zhangjiajie absorbed the attention of outside media, so did the unique ethnic food.In order to make sure a happy Year of Goat for all guests and experience folk food, a few brand-famous catering companies in Wulingyuan have prepared quite a few local cuisines, such as Rock Fungus Stewed Chicken, Loach into Tofu, Bacon, Steamed Pork with Rice Flour, Sanxia Hot pot.

“Wulingyuan is an ethnic community, and most of them are Tujia people who like sour spicy food. During Gannian meaning‘Catch up with the new year in lunar calendar’,a day ahead of Hang Majority, its meal is the most sumptuous. With the prosperity of local travel, some foreigners would come here to taste the Gannian meal every year.” Charger from local Office of Ethnic Affairs introduced.”charger from Wulingyuan’s Office of Ethnic Affairs introduced.

Translated by Zumi