Zhangjiajie Embraces the Oil Painting Association’s Decennial Exhibition

The decennial exhibition of oil paintings from the oil painting association is undertaking on the square of Tianmen Shan Tourism Co. Ltd. from 11 to 18 December, 2012. Those works noticeably presents to the public the landscape of Wulingyuan, Tianmenshan, etc. and the indigenous culture and custom, which is a positive promotion for the literary and artistic creation as well as the travel resources recommendation and advertising.

Mr. Zhaoxiao Ming, the vice Municipal Party Secretary and mayor of Zhangjiajie city as well, took a specialized visit to the exhibition to appreciate those works, and expressed his best wishes to the oil painting association with the expectation that they can work hard to improve their skill so as to contribute positively to the advertisement of travel resources in this city.

Translated by Vincent Chou