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Zhangjiajie Embraces the biggest bicycle team for Low-carbon tourism

On August 13th morning, 52 people from Huochetou bicycle club in Huaihua city has arrived at Wulingyuan Scenic spot through a 3-day safe journey. And it is the biggest bicycle team since the launch of Zhangjiajie activity as“subsidies for your low-carbon tour”.

In the light of the introduction of its clubber,Liuwen,they departed from Huaihua city on 11th,August and rode more than 300km within 3 days. And among their team member, the oldest is 64 years and the youngest 16 years. Since the initiate of low-carbon travel towards the whole world held by Wulingyuan on 28th, June, Zhangjiajie has entertained over 300 people who travelled in their low-carbon ways including by bike, on foot, and on their skateboards. Their journey covers a total route of about 150,000 km. They also have received the rewards provided by the organizer containing tickets, low-carbon subsidies, and best popularity awards for travelogue as well as attention award formicro film of travel story.

By Brenda