Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Changes Tickets Sale System in 2014

With the implementation of the “Tourism law”, It has brought new opportunities and challenges for zhangjiajie travel development. As the symbol of Zhangjiajie travel performing arts, “Charming xiangxi” will use new tickets sale system in January 1st, 2014. It aims to disrupt the market “Scalpers” strong-arm reaction, further standardize Zhangjiajie travel market.

New tickets sale system adopts the real-name system. With unified management, The travel agency installes all team members name, ID number and the tour guide information to the system before the team set out. Free visitors need to take ID card to the ticket window to pay for the ticket.

It is understood that charming xiangxi will go abroad for the first time on January 17th to 28th. It will give performances in Italy and Malta, which set off a wave of zhangjiajie hot. To prepare actively 11 boutique show, Charming xiangxi will stop playing on January 14th.

Translated by Sophia