First Hunan Folk Art Awards Held in Changsha

On January 4, the first Hunan Folk Art Awards was held in Changsha. It is the first time for Hunan Province to give prizes to folk art works for over sixty years since the founding of the New China. 

Thirty works were awarded on folk crafts, folk art books, folk artistic performances, folk art theses, and new folk artists.   Fifteen pieces of craft works took the prizes out of many others which covered such ten categories as palm fibre weaving, ceramics, carving, paper-cut, egg painting, embroidery, tie-dyeing, origami, rare stones, and Yuezhou fans. 

The ceremony aimed to arouse public attention to folk art. Hunan’s development in folk art would be demonstrated, interest in playing a role in this field would be encouraged, and the boom of Hunan’s folk art would be enhanced.


Double-sided embroideries of the Eight New Views of Xiaoxiang win the first prize of new folk artists.

The palm fibre weaving work of twelve Chinese Zodiac signs is awarded the first prize of folk crafts. 

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: changsha.gov.cn