Zhangjiajie Cartoon Image:Pure and fresh,Natural and free girl

After more than two months of hard work, 14 municipal cartoon image which made by hunan university of science and technology come to public. Zhangjiajie is a pure and fresh, natural and free girl.

Text annotation under the cartoon image:

She is a pure and fresh, natural and transcendental girl (National forest park).

She is also a friendly and hospitable girl (Tourist city, the world natural heritage).

Zhangjiajie forest park, Suoxiyu,and Tianzi mountain is known for many people.

Underground dragon palace huanglong hole, the world jade Baofeng lake are famous for many people.

Her companion is lush vegetation and magnificent and jagged stone mountain.

The clear lakes and streams accompany her to sleep.

The avatar falls in love with her voice.

She will be shy to take wild fungus and kiwi fruit to welcome the people.

Translated by Sophia