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Zhangjiajie Becomes Top Seven Romantic Places

Are you still planning for your coming different festivals or holidays? Are you still not sure which place is suitable for you romantic journey? Alright, these places couldn’t wait to give you a worthwhile unforgettable trip.

1, Zhangjiajie: Located in Hunan province, Zhangjiajie is usually compared to a “travel line for lovers” by tourists. Traveling through countless cloud-kissing mountains, clear streams and leafy trees, you may easily blend with nature around, thus enhancing your love unconsciously.

2, Wu town: It is one of the four well-known towns in Chiang-Nan (regions south of theYangtze River), and a time-honored town that can date back to more than six thousand years ago. Moreover, Wu town is also a typical watery region, which makes it “a land of plenty”, “a silk mansion”. A small bridge over the flowing stream is commonly seen here. Entering into Wu town, the romantic feelings here and there will soon give you a big hug.

3, Yangshuo: Ubiquitous mountain and water reflect in contrast harmoniously. The costal grass is dotted with castle and osprey. It seems everything in Yangshuo could give you a strong feeling of leisure and comfort. You can attempt to sit on a raft and go sightseeing along the limpid river, catching glimpse of fishes dancing excitingly in the river every time you lower your head, fairyland is just where you are.

4, Lijiang: On the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, mist coils up all the year round. Even in the sunny day, sunshine also can not penetrate the clouds. Legend goes like that Autumn Equinox is the day when sun meets with moon and reflects together. Only on the occasional time, one-meter sunshine will kiss the top of the mountain, so it is widely believed that people showered by it will possess unchangeable love.

5, Tibet: When you two hold hands and see sincere followers worshiping on bended knees, when you see boundless Kernel CuoLake, won’t you have a sense of the most real romance as well as the purest sweet? Standing under such a pure sky in the plateau, your soul will be refined at the same time.

6, Jiuzhai Valley: Visiting here will make you feel wonderful. Especially in the winter, you can enjoy yourselves in the hot spring and view the snow mountains spontaneously. How romantic!

7, Qinghai Lake: This means cyan sea, blue ocean in Zang language. Around theQinghaiLake, there are blankets of boundless grasslands. Owing to its lakeside terrain, this place enjoys the congenital advantage of plain ground, adequate water and temperate climate, which contributes to a natural pasture.

Translated by Becky