Young Cultural Envoys Promote Intangible Cultural Heritage in Britain

On August 21, the 2017 Sino-British Teens International Intangible Cultural Heritage Exchange was held in Changsha. It was hosted by the Hunan Culture Department (HCD), and organized by the Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Yishu Hunan. During the event, 31 children who had visited Britain earlier were honored as "Cultural envoy youth".

The HCD Deputy Director Zhang Fang said, “These envoys exhibited and performed intangible cultural heritage in Britain between August 7 and 18. They helped promote traditional Chinese culture.”

During their stay in Britain, Xiang Opera child performers staged improvisational performances at Shakespeare’s residence. They played Tai Chi at Chelsea Football Stadium, which was applauded by the audience.

The young culture envoys attended an English afternoon tea party to learn about British noble culture and international etiquette. They performed Xiang Opera, drum flower opera, Tai Chi, allegro, and classic poems at the London Musical Museum.

The "Young cultural envoys" present their certificates of honor. (Photo/Tang Xiaoqing)

Translator: Xiao Juan