Zhangjiajie Beautiful Scenery in the autumn[Photo Gallery]

Zhangjiajie autumn tourist season is September to November each year, of course, it is the golden season of travel in Zhangjiajie!

Tree leaves are still green, Autumn is coming soon. Good month for traveling here ,not hot ,nor cold. The lowest temperature is 22 Centi-degree, and highest is 32 centi-degree.

Good view with the golden yellow color, Many people come on the golden week(1st---7th)it is the harvest season for orange and Kiwi fruits on this month, The lowest temperature is 18 Centi-degree, and highest is 28 centi-degree.

it is the fogy season on November,mountain looks quite difference but pretty with fog. the lowest temperature is 12Centi-degree, and highest is 25centi-degree.