Zhangjiajie and U.S. travel market Symposium held

To better exploit the travel market in North Americaand attract more guests from there to Zhangjiajie, a symposium has been held between Zhangjiajie and the American travel market in the afternoon on Nov.9th.

In the symposium, constructive suggestions on exploiting North American market through travel industry of Zhangjiajie have been posed by over ten American professors. In the meantime, representatives of travel bureau of Zhangjiajie city gave a brief introduction of our city to participants. Moreover, American travel agencies appreciate beautiful scenery in Zhangjiajie very much and look forward to strengthen cooperation on travel with Zhangjiajie.

Recent years, more and more tourists from North Americahave traveled to Zhangjiajie with reputation and popularity of Zhangjiajie rising up. More than 8500 American tourists have travelled to Zhangjiajie from the start of this year to now. Now, official English website especially servicing for North Americatourists is setting up by travel bureau of Zhangjiajie.

By Brenda