2012 Wulingyuan’s Patent Applications Has Achieved Historic Breakthrough

On Nov. 14th, News obtained from the science bureau of Wuingyuan district, 2012 Wulingyuan’s Patent Applications has achieved historic breakthrough. The whole year it has reached up to 14 patents which was twice of the sum of previous four years and 6 patents has given authority.

In 2012, the science bureau has increased propaganda over “Patent Law” and various publicity activities have launched into enterprises and communities, which thus improved citizens’ awareness of exploit and application of patent. Zhangjiajie Jin Chi Giant Salamander Biotechnology Company Limited has become the pilot enterprise with strategic and neo-type property right of industry knowledge inHunanprovince. The application of Oligosaccharides peptide of giant salamander in cosmetic has attained the state invention patent and scientific research achievement, key technology of producing Oligosaccharides peptide of giant salamander, has been identified as the international advanced level.

By Brenda