Zhangguying Ancient Village on Hunan TV Live Broadcast

At 6:30 pm on April 22, the crew of Hunan News Network (a news program produced by Hunan Satellite TV) conducted on-the-spot broadcasting about the cultural features of Zhangguying Village in YueyangCounty, known as the most ancient village in the province. Wei Zhehao, a famous anchorman of Hunan Satellite TV who was born in Yueyang County, has been sentimentally attached to his hometown and affectionately introduced the village’s hundreds-year-old folk culture and customs to audiences.

With the passage of the lens, Zhangguying Village’s profound culture as well as industrious and simple folk customs was fully displayed, including appetizing fried bean curd, as well as traditional handicrafts performances of making straw sandals, doubling thread, weaving and making fans. The village is known as the birthplace of Yuezhou fan. In the past years, the local villagers have been making good use of bamboo resources, adhering to the forerunners’ excellent traditional techniques and keeping making innovations in poem, literature and painting,. They have already promoted the fan-making techniques and art to a new height and built a unique fan culture. With more and more products exported to countries of Europe and America, and Japan, impressive revenues have thus been made.

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Translator: Chen Yu