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Jiulongjiang National Forest Park has been granted National 4A Scenic Area

On Sept.29th, 2013 China (Chenzhou) International Recreation & Tourism Cultural Festival on the theme of “Capital of leisure covered by forest” has rung down its curtain in Rucheng County, Chenzhou in people’s expectation with smiles instead of flowers, buffet tickets rather than banquet, thundery applauds substitute for superstars.

On the closing ceremony in Ailian Square of Rucheng County, the whole process is very brief and practical with simple and unadorned arrangements and compact agenda. Jiulongjiang National Forest Park has been granted National 4A Scenic Area.

This travel festival kicked off on Sept.16th in Guiyang, Chenzhou and then ended in Ruyang on Sept.29 During the festival, 31 activities o f six categories including artistic performances, travel, trade negotiation, and theme events, workshops, display exhibitions have been held in various counties and cities. This festival is a feast which has the largest scale and highest specifications in Chenzhou history and covers large scope of activities as well as most of the most popular event at a time. Under the theme of the “forest city, capital of leisure”, the whole festival focuses on carrying forward the culture of travel and promoting travel and shows the high-quality of Chenzhou travel culture.

By Brenda