Yuelu Academy Hosts First Sino-Korean Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition

The “Sino-Korean Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition by Zhang Zhizhong and Park, Dong-Guy”, an event jointly hosted by the Exhibition Department of China Calligraphers Association and Yuelu Academy, opened on September 23 at the China Academy Museum inside Yuelu Academy. This is another important exhibition co-presented by Chinese and Korean artists, as well as a gala in cultural exchanges, following such events as “Qi Gong and Kim Eung-heon Calligraphy Exhibition”, “Huang Dun and Park, Dong-Guy Calligraphy Exhibition” and “Zhou Xianglin and Park, Dong-Guy Calligraphy Exhibition”. 

Zhang Zhizhong, an artist from Hunan’s Taohuayuan and a favorite pupil of the contemporary Chinese calligraphy master Shen Peng, was awarded in 2008 the title “Ten Leading Figures in Chinese Calligraphy”. Zhang has enjoyed high reputation since his childhood. Park, Dong-Guy, the most influential calligrapher in contemporary Korea, inherits Chinese artist Qi Baishi’s vigorous and forceful style, with his works featuring an ancient and deep flavor.

The exhibition displayed over seventy exquisite works by the two artists. It was held between August 30 and September 3 in South Korea’s Jeju, and will be hosted at Changde Cultural Center from September 25 to 28.

Park, Dong-Guy (L) and Zhang Zhizhong (R)

Zhang Zhizhong is writing with a brush. 

Translator: Tang Li

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal