Yongzhou Folk Customs Attract a Million Tourists During Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival, Yongzhou's travel revenue hit 300 million yuan, attracting around 1 million tourists from far and near with featured folk customs and ecological cultures. A year-on-year increase of over 35% in tourist receipt was achieved respectively in such three scenic spots as the Jiuyi Mountain, Yangming Mountain, and Wuxi Town.

Before the coming of 2013 Lunar New Year, Yongzhou has been elaborately decorated with festivity and joy, launching various folk custom activities in scenic spots. Ceremonies for worshiping the ancestors and blessing were staged at the Emperor Shun's Mausoleum of Jiuyi Mountain and the Wanshou Temple of Yangming Mountain. The ancient city Lingling boasted its lion and dragon dance as well as local operas like the Qi Opera and Flower Drum Opera in ancient stages. Special benedictions written in the exclusive female character in the world by heirs of Women's Scripts were sent to tourists for free at squares in Jiangyong County. And the Park of Filial Piety Culture in Xintian County outstood itself with activities on the theme of "To Feel Gratitude in a Park of Filial Piety Culture".

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal