Modern Flower Drum Opera Staged at Hunan Grand Theater

On February 14, a piece of modern flower drum opera “Rural Parents in Town” elaborately directed by the Hunan Flower Drum Culture Communication Co., Ltd, was staged at the Hunan Grand Theater, winning an enthusiastic ovation from the audience for its performers’ wonderful performances. For the following days till February 18, it will be on show at the theater consecutively.

The opera tells a funny story of two country folk coming to live in town with his daughter and her daughter-in-law Lily who settled down there immediately after her postgraduate studies.

Boasting a stage design of nonrepresentational style, the opera builds a modern forest city in the stage via perfect match of props and light effects. It also boasts strong characteristics of comedy and the combination of modern fashion and typical traditional tunes of flower drum opera.

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal