Xiao Gaojian Photography Work “Zhangjiajie Shufty”

Recently, Zhangjiajie well-known Xiao Gaojian Photography Work “Zhangjiajie Shufty” will be published by Chinese poem & Handwriting press.

Xiao Gaojian, 76, At the age of ten likes collecting stamps. Currently, He is the director of philatelic association of Hunan province and old photographer association. Since the reform and opening, Mr Xiao has spared time to publish hundreds of pages of literature, Art and photography at home and abroad to promote Zhangjiajie.

“Zhangjiajie Shufty” has included different periods of Zhangjiajie scenery in 30 years. Most of the pictures show the Wulingyuan Tianzi Mountain, Huanglong hole, Bao feng lake and other scenic spots. And there are some pictures which reflects the Zhangjiajie people spirit.

Translated by Sophia