The Second Anniversary of Zhangjiajie Wu Guanzhong Statue Wins 3 million Tourists

On the morning of September 17th, Two special guests come to Zhangjiajie national forest park Wu Guanzhong statue. They are Mr Wu Youhong and Mrs Wu. It is reported that Wu Guanzhong statue is known as the three thousand and two “Peak” in Zhangjiajie, Receiving tourists at home and abroad over 3 million passengers.

Zhangjiajie from march to become the world famous tourist destination, The traditional Chinese painting master Wu Guanzhong makes great efforts. Late autumn 1979, Wu Guanzhong came into Zhangjiajie forest farm (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park), Created a huge painting and prose “In buxuriant knowledge-Zhangjiajie is a scenery pearl”, Letting more people know Zhangjiajie.

Because of Wu Guanzhong’s strong recommendation, The pearl of Zhangjiajie scenery raises out of the mountains, Which developed travel travel.

Translated by Sophia