Xiangxi Huaihua Accessible on High-speed Railway

At 13:24 on November 18, the CRH train 380B slowly entered Huaihua South High-speed Railway Station. On the same day, Changsha-Huaihua section of Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway began trial operation. According to the plan, this section will open to public by the end of this year.

At 10:57, the train 0G6501 left Changsha South Railway Station, marking the beginning of around one-month trial run of Changsha-Xinhuang section of Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway.

It has been learned from Guangzhou Railway Group that after the official operation of the Hongqiao (Shanghai)-Xinhuang West section of Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway in late December, Huaihua South Station and Xinhuang West Station will be facilitated with 17 pairs of high-speed motor train units for the first time. With this it will take about 100 minutes to travel from Changsha to Huaihua, and 5 hours from Changsha to Shanghai.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal