Thailand Mainstream Media Group Visited Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

On November 6th, A team of 6 Thailand mainstream media paid a visit to the classic attractions,Like Huangshi village, Gold whip stream and so on, In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Those Thailand friends repeatedly praised its unusual mountains, Beautiful scenery and fair scenic management, Service plus environmental sanitation.

The group is preparing for “Hunan Culture into Thailand” activity, Which is to be put on in early December in Thailand. It will enable Thailand media into Zhangjiajie core scenic area, Experience and feel the beauty of Zhangjiajie and further expand its popularity and influence in Thailand. It is worth mentioning that the group specially went to see the dove tree in person grown by Thailand princess Shilin ten years ago. It is a symbol of peace and friendship for the two countries lasting for ten years.

The group specially went to see the dove tree grown by Thailand princess Shilin

Translated by Zumi