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Xiangxi—-Fu Rong Township

Paths of bluestone flanked by wooden houses are winding through their ways, as if at one stride they catch your eyes leading you into the ancient and quaint township—Fu Rong Township.

Here it is! Located in Yongshun county of Jishou city in Hunan province, Fu Rong Township, with its over two thousand years history is increasingly attracting tourists both from home and abroad. Once ascending the ladders and stepping on the flagstone, your eyes are dazzled by the numerous stalls on either side. Various goods, particularly those with unique local style are displayed and tourists pack streets. Different from the modern architectures, the wooden houses with low sharp roofs like birds spring their wings to soaring into the sky, give you a sense of sediment of the history a scent of plain beauty.

As you walk around, you may see bountiful authentic snacks with their scent inviting you. One that you must have a try is called Mi Toufu( a kind of bean curd). Different seasonings, such as vinegar, paprika, soy placing on the table you can add any of them according to your taste. And in hot summer, a bowl of cold one can give you a fresh. Apart from those, imposing waterfall rolling and roaring with mighty force down the deep pool, Tujia ethnic Diaojiao lou(a unique building hanging on the cliff) and various foods also offer you much pleasure.

Once you step on the soil, your heart will be melting in all the surroundings here. Pack your heart and start a fascinating journey.

By Crystal