Wulingyuan Yangjiajie Peak Walls become an Appealing Landscape

Compared with Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie peak walls seem to be more special. Rank upon rank towering peak walls stand tall and upright. They are just like nature-created great wall.

Along with the coming Yangjiajie ropeway’s opening, rarely seen peak walls will uncover their mysterious veils soon and close to countless visitors from home and abroad.

According to age brackets of Zhangjiajie Geology, Tianzi Mountain is in its boyhood, National Forest Park is in prime time, Suoxiyu is in old age and Yangjiajie is in its young stage. Since the late development, Yangjiajie attracts less attention in the past.

In order to drive the development of Yangjiajie peak walls, Zhangjiajie invested 0.17 billion yuan on building Yangjiajie ropeway at the end of last year. In the following time, visitors can not only enjoy magical peristeles, but also towering peak walls.

Translated by Becky