23 National Flags Decorate Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave

Though the third Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week has lowered its curtain for more than one month, 23 national flags of those countries once took part in this activity still flutter in the wind in Yellow Dragon Cave ecological square.

In the entrance of Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave ecological square, 5 bulletin boards respectively mark five continents’ maps. 23 national flags stand above five continents’ maps. Against the background made by Zhangjiajie green mountains and rivers, those national flags also enhance the beauty of blue sky. In Fengyu Gallery of ecological square, country music performing teams’ publicity introduction hangs in two sides.

As reported, after the closing of country music week, opening ceremony stage and Yellow Dragon ecological square are reserved. All these can help visitors get close to country music week.

Translated by Becky