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Wulingyuan Xibu Street:Dating a Pretty Tujia Ethnic Girl

A mass dating for meeting the prospective mate named “Dating a Pretty Tujia Ethnic Girl” is going to undertaking from 19th to 21st this October, at the Xibu Street, Wulinyuan Resort, Zhangjiajie, in the orientation of “Let’s meet on Wulin Mountian, fall in love in Zhangjiajie and live a happy life atXibu Street”.

“Dating a Pretty Tujia Ethnic Girl” was originated fromWulinMountainsRangein Zhanjiajie and now it has a long history of more than 300 years. Regarded as one of the most important customs of Tujia Ethnic Group, the mass dating enjoys the reputation of “The Historical Eastern Valentine’s Day”. The exciting, interesting and entertaining dating consists of several sessions known as the opening show, “Drink the Block-Door Wine (males have to drink in large bowls to please females until they open the door)”, Love Songs Singing, Personal Show, “Go to a Market( males and females bring their own agricultural products and crafts to sell or exchange)”, Bonfire Party, “Blind Engagement( a girl throws a ball made of colored silk strips with her eyes closed or her back to the crowd, and the boy who get the ball will have a chance of dating that girl)”, Challenge Difficult Games to Win Ingenious Courtship, Romantic Yard Walking, etc. All these activities are featured with the local cultures and customs, the interaction between males and females, as well as the combination of ancient and modern beauty.

Do not hesitate and come here to have a date!

Translated by Vincent Chou