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Wulingyuan Ranks First in 13 Natural Spectacles of East Asia

Recently, Sina published the most notable 13 natural spectacles of East Asiaareas. Undoubtedly, one of Zhangjiajie’s famous scenic spot Wulingyuan topped the chart relying on its large amounts of steles which could resist the geocentric attraction. What’s more, these magical steles also once played another roles—— the inspiration of the surrealistic blockbuster Avatar. In November, 2010, they were named “Zhangjiajie landform” by a group of international geological landform experts.

In the meantime, other natural spectacles included in this ranking list are MountHuang, Guilin, Mount Qomolangma, Taroko Gorge, Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Heavenly Lake of China; Mount Fuji, Tojimbo Cliffs,Mount Cangwang, Mashu Lake of Japan; Jeju Island of South Korea; and Gobi dessert of Mongolia.

Translated by Becky